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Reduce costs, optimize processes, increase customer and employee satisfaction and implement successful IT projects. Our strength lies in the experience gained from natural sciences and software development, and in the ability to quickly familiarize ourselves with complex topics. This makes us your bridge builder between business and IT.

Successfully conducted projects at and with

* direct employer

* direct employer


Common problems

Unclear IT-solution

How can I translate my problem into a software solution? 

IT project just does not run

How do I lead a promising IT project to success?

Time-consuming processes and complicated systems

How can I unleash the full potential of my employees and systems? 

IT as a money burning machine

How do I ensure that valuable money is not being burned with my IT and development?

Communication problems between business & IT

How can I overcome the boundary between business & IT?

How can we help you?

We help you reduce costs, optimize processes, increase customer and employee satisfaction and implement successful IT projects.

We are the link between business and IT. We support you in the effective implementation of your IT projects and guide you and your IT to success. Through our experience as developers and technicians, we understand the technical challenges in IT projects and speak the language of IT. Due to our education in natural sciences we are able to understand complex (technical) processes at top speed. Our excellent communication skills make us interpreters between two (often foreign) worlds.

We orient ourselves on the gradient descent from numerical mathematics: We work out your optimal solution step by step.

We listen.

God gave us two ears and only one mouth.
We attach great importance to understanding your individual needs and requirements. We talk with both worlds - business & IT. Through active listening, we overcome boundaries and lay the foundation for successful results.

We consult.

We offer tailored recommendations, innovative strategies and proven methods to make your project a success. With in-depth expertise and technical know-how, we help you make long-term decisions and develop the best possible solutions for your requirements.

We implement.

Big words nothing behind?
We understand that words and beautiful presentations alone are not enough - it's the actual implementation that counts.
We are proud to actively participate in projects and take responsibility for their realization and success.

You want to find out more about our team?

We pull together as a team. Shared values, innovative methods and enjoyment of work are important to us.

You don't have an IT strategy yet?

Digitization and automation are increasingly influencing the IT in companies. Therefore, it must be included in the long-term corporate strategy. We support you not only in the implementation of projects, but also in the conception of a sustainable IT strategy, the planning of your IT infrastructure and the selection of suitable software solutions.

Feedback & Reviews

"Sascha impressed in his role as Business Analyst in a complex integration project within an EU program with an impressively fast comprehension and a high degree of proactivity/ownership in an extremely complex project environment. Chapeau and I look forward to working with him again on a future project!"

-Christoph Bäck​, Federal Ministry of the Interior

„Sascha’s advice was crucial in refining my start-up pitch. He provided insightful feedback and helped me communicate my ideas more effectively. I highly recommend him as a startup mentor.“

-Omidreza Amrollahinasab, Greenwing Digital

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