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Gradient descent

Word type: Noun
Usage: Mathematics

The gradient descent is used in numerical mathematics to solve general optimization problems. With this algorithm , starting from an initial point, one progresses (using the example of a maximization problem) along an upward direction until no further numerical improvement is achieved. It also serves as the guiding principle of Gradient Solutions GmbH.

Our approach

Our team is characterized by a mathematical and technical background. Our approach is based on the gradient descent from mathematics, which is used to solve general optimization problems. By iteratively analyzing the gradient of a complex function, the optimal direction to approach the solution is determined as quickly as possible. In this way, we as a team also assist our clients to develop the optimal next step up to an optimal solution by analyzing the current situation step by step. From conception to project implementation.

Lean processes &

Rapid results,
instead of long analyses

Step by step
closer to the solution

The values,
that guide us

Shared values are very important to us. They are embedded in our actions and everything we do. This is essential in order to interact with our customers with integrity.



Curiosity & Learning

humor & joy


Sascha Ungar

CEO & founder

Master's degree in Technical Mathematics in minimum time of study at Technical University of Vienna, previously worked at a Big 4 company.
Experience as IT project manager, product owner, business analyst and software developer.

Once broke both legs at the same time during gymnastics - now prefers to go climbing.

Curt Schleritzko

IT Consultant

Studies "Computer Science and Digital Communications" at the FH Campus Wien with the elective subjects Mobile App Development and IT Security.

Broke his ankle while swinging - is now banned from swinging for life.

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Josip Zecevic

IT Consultant

Christina Ungar

Projekt Management

Master's degree in "Social Economy and Social Work" at the FH Campus Vienna. Extensive experience in project management, coaching, building and leading (directly up to 120 people) agile teams & organizations.

Our roles

With our background and experience from different fields, we are your bridge builder between business and IT.

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